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Our Monthly Recognition

Mrs. Laura Manson

         Mrs. Laura Manson, a gifted young lady. Manson takes pride in her gift to teach music and her gift to deal with life's variety of personalities. Dealing with three choirs, four musicians and a host of attitudes, Manson gets to the point of her music. She's always working with Tried Stone's musicians to provide an excellent sound and a blessful time during church service and other events. She is always present to events whether her voice is strong or weak. She teaches members to sing at different levels from sopranos to barotones. Manson is known for performing the Christian C- Walk when she is filled with the spirit and she knows how to break a congregation down when she leads songs suchas "Like the Dew in the Morning," " Won't let go," and " Anchoring the Lord." Mrs. Laura Manson is a loving, caring and joyful member, daughter, aunt, niece, wife and   MUSICIAN.